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12 Amazing benefits from using a Rose Quartz facial roller

Here's a natural Beauty tool that's better than botox

The Rose Quartz Crystal

The Rose Quartz Crystal is a powerful love stone that helps purify opening your heart and throat chakras. It will unlock deeper chambers of the heart on all levels, creating a deep inner healing for yourself and increasing self-love. Healing intimacy issues from past relationships or family members. Rose Quartz can assist in clearing traumas and teaches you to set in touch with your emotions. While also helps soothes internal pain.

skincare is self-care , Self-care is spiritual care

The 12 Best reasons why you need to own a Rose Quartz Roller

& now useful tips

How to use them

Here is a photo tutorial from on how to use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller.

The bestie that helps you Relax

We all know adult-ing times get tough, so why not have a ‘Treat yo-self’ facial and smooth all your stresses away with the help of this Rose Quartz Facial Roller. 

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