7 awesome beauty benefits of slugging

What is slugging

Do you have natural skincare products and want to give them a boost? Then you should try this beneficial skincare trick nicknamed “slugging”. 


Slugging is a Korean Skincare Trend where you apply occlusive products to your face over other beneficial products – i.e serums, exfoliants and oils


The most popular slugging is petroleum jelly or vaseline to help improve the skin’s moisture content. 


Although we do not recommend petroleum jelly or vaseline because Lini Skinfood is a clean , natural and organic skincare line. Petroleum or vaseline comes from the bottom of a petroleum oil barrel.


Occlusive ingredients are ingredients forming an extra layer of a balm-like consistency on the surface of your skin.

In other words a second layer of skin confining the water in your skin. Some common occlusive ingredients include paraffin, mineral oil, squalene and petrolatum.

Petrolatum is the main ingredient that is used in slugging to create a nice film on your skin's surface. It is also an occlusive ingredient and skin protectant.

Everyday we loses water through a process called," Trans-epidermal water loss. Trans-epidermal water loss is when water is escaping. When this happens it increases dehydration, dry skin, and flakiness.

Which can cause skin damages because when you skin loses water is a sign your skin is not in it's most healthy state, making it difficult to properly address any skin concerns like:acne, breakouts, scarring, dark spots, sun damage and premature aging. The more water you can obtain in your skin the better.

Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly are the most common and used products for slugging. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is one of the most loved ingredients because of how widely accessible ,inexpensive and great at preventing water loss, to reduce trans-epidermal water loss by up to 98%. Us being a clean and natural brand. Here are some other occlusive ingredients.

other occlusive ingredients



As you age, your skin barrier loses its ability to repair itself, and start to notice a decrease in hydration, or saggy skin and more fine lines and wrinkles. 


Hence this is where slugging comes in handy with amazing benefits.


Slugging Tips

Apply only at night

Depending on your skin type, time of year or you live in an extremely cold and dry environment. The best time to apply is only at night.

While sleeping you can lock in moisture and other skin care products. Instead of walking around all day with slimy skin.

During the dry, cold, winter months is the best time to slug #dryskinseason. In humid climate areas and your skin is oily than usual. You should slug 2x or 3x times a week.
If you have dry skin, slugging every night can  help enhance your skin’s tone and texture. Also, pay attention to how your skin responds, and adjust accordingly.

Other slugging tips


What noT to do

Never slug over uncleaned skin. This can lead to oilier skin and cause breakouts by trapping in dirt and bacteria in your pores. Always wash your face well first!

Depending on your skin type, don’t slug with comedogenic products, such as coconut oil, which may contribute to acne breakouts. Products like retinoids and facial acids —such as AHAs and BHAs, combined with glycolic acid — may cause irritation if you apply them before slugging.

While others can get away with slugging over these ingredients. People with sensitivities might be too much for your skin to handle.


Who should or shouldn't


Since slugging has become a Tik-Tok sensation and everyone wants to slug. Not everyone can sadly. 


If you have oily-acne prone skin, the best idea would be to avoid slugging. This is because it can lock and trap dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. 


Leading to cause more breakouts


Slugging Process

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