Capricorn Super Full Moon June 2021


Last Super Full moon of the year

Summer Solstice was on Sunday , June 20th and now a super moon four days later. There is immense energy circulating at the moment. Which is why this full moon is so impactful. So take advantage of allowing yourself to culminate and illuminate what has and has not worked for you in the in your life . 

With the full moon being in Capricorn , this sign will transit impactful clarity in areas dealing with your career reputation, productivity ,public life + accountability.  With Cancer being in opposition of Capricorn , cancer will help you seek  balance in nurturance , being more rooted/grounded + homebody.

June 20th was the first day of Cancer season, a water sign = increase in sensitivity to one another , great time for you to reconnect with friends and family, seek connection + support from on another as well 

Jupiter in retrograde during full moon

Jupiter goes into retrograde during this time as well. Juptier is the planet of optimism , opportunity, expansion + philosophy. This will be helpful for inner paradigm shifts + opening your minds to ideas, philosophies + outlooks on life . Be more in-tune with your senses, emotions , clairvoyance, intuition . With Jupiter being in retrograde this a good time to take advantage of exploring your spiritual intuitiveness. However, on the other hand it can be an uncomfortable time of learning new things out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry we’ll more in depth with what we mean in a moment. 

Since immense energy is lingering in the atmosphere , there is a magnetic pull on emotions as lie it is a twisted rollercoaster ride of intense emotions coming from every angle. Making it more important than ever to be grounded during this process. Use your intuition is how you will listen to your emotions  raise because of Jupiter being. in Pisces ( a sensitive sign / might have water in your dreams, great time to start a dream journal). 

Super full moon being close to us and also amplifies energy , makes it a great time to purge and work with more the cosmic lunar energy . 

This Capricorn Super Full Moon is all about endings , brings an ending to your  spiritual cycle , and invites a new chapter of spiritual growth while removing blocks . 

Use Jupiter’s energy for expanding your wisdom, abundance travel and growth as you close one spiritual chapter and open another. 


What to Do + how to use all the immense energy in the atmosphere

With all the immense energy lingering in the atmosphere, the best way to harnest this energy is to work with water any time this week. Whether you want to take a crystal bath , moon bath , charge your crystal using sea water or etc because Piseces is a water sign and so is Cancer + it is Cancer Season. So it is important to connect with water and its magnetic energy, since not one but two water signs are in alignment.  Allow your emotions to flow. 

This is the last Super full moon of the year , so the energy build up from Summer Solstice , Eclipse Season + other energies makes it important for you to connect with your body + soul. Do this by enhancing yourself by creating a temple of accession full of high frequencies entering your body.

Everyone is different , listen to your intuition by finding something that resonates with you to figure out what it is. It can rituals, mediation, manifestations , grounding , sound baths or crystal baths. Whatever it is it has to be important to you and important to connect with your soul.

Connect with resilience + harmonize

You may have to face some old triggers , anxiety, people from your past will arise during time and will need to purge. Let you emotions flow + connect along with your body.  When you feel anxious ask yourself these questions: 

  • Ask where is this coming from? 
  • Why is this anxiety showing up? 
  • What is this trying to show me?

Instead of seeing + rejecting dense emotions ( sadness, anger, grief , depression + etc), see these triggers as a sign that it is time to harmonize your light with the dark. By ignoring these triggers you are rejecting. apart of you and your journey’s purpose.Take back your ownership + power, don’t suppress them. It will only cause blockages , stress,  discombobulations , making you unable to control your emotions and your environment/ surroundings will implement the same vibrancies ( energies) causing more instability. 

It is important and all about to match your energy or frequency. Don’t reject aspect of yourself , accept them and harmonize them. Once you do , you will be able to advance to a new circle + spiritual cycle of your spiritual journey. Remember, you are not the divine and cannot create or destroy energy. You will need to release in order to harmonize your fears to welcome more acceptance, joy and unconditional love. Transmute your emotions is the best way  how you can  harmonize your light and dark instead of combating them. 

Be like water and go with the Flow

Venus Conjunction

After the full moon Venus will be in conjunction. You may have tension in your relationships or finances. If you have already had similar tensions this month be ready for abundance and prosperity to come why if you processed your emotions during  these situation with ease and grace. The universe with reward you for fully honoring your , trusting the universe and for ou you enjoying your journey.

Capricorn super full Moon Ritual june 2021

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