Full Moon Pisces

 The moons light comes from the sun and it reflects sunlight. Yes the Moon is constantly changing because the moon is being lit with different amounts out light every night. Known as phases. 


Moon Phases

During the new moon there is no sunlight reflecting to us but on the opposite side. On the full moon, the sun is reflecting off the whole disk of the moon. In between these phases a waxing (increase of light)  and waning (decrease of light). 


After the full moon it will go through the phases of waning gibbous, waning half , and waning crescent. Then after the new moon it will begin a waxing crescent, waxing half, and waxing gibbous into the full moon . Creating a light reflection cycle. 

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Full Moon

With the moon with at its full bloom today aka the corn moon . It is time to release people, places and things the no longer serve us .

Basically pulling out the weeds from your inner spiritual garden to help you along your transformation journey.

This full moon will carry sensitive energy which will heighten your emotions or stir some tension within your heart chakras.

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09 Sept.


No need to worry though , we will give you some positive  rituals to help remove any negative energy from your life.

AKA how to stop low frequencies from sucking your your pure high frequency energies.

Bath Bombs


Take a nice ritual soothing bath/shower

Between today until September 13 .


For this ritual you will need


Ritual Advice Provided by foreverconscious


Start by energetically cleansing yourself, then your space and ritual ingredients. As you cleanse feel free to recite the following- 

“Everything is as it needs to be, for I am light and love. I am right where I need to be, for I am light and love. I accept the light and love the dwells within me and all around, and as I do I cleanse my heart, this space, and all that surrounds. I am cleansed, my heart is full. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you.”


New Moon
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2.) Listen to the Soul Soothing Meditation. This 10-minute meditation will help to calm your energy and connect you to the power of your soul.


 After your meditation, begin running the bath. As the tub is filling up, take a pinch of salt in your hand. Sprinkle the salt into the water, reciting the following (or feel free to say what you feel in the moment)-

“I take this salt and cleanse away all that no longer serves. I allow it to break all I am attached to and cords that no longer support my highest growth. I ask it to gently break me free from anything that holds me down and back from living in my highest truth. I ask it to help me release and let go of (insert here).”

Part II

Next, sprinkle in the flower petals while reciting the following-

“These flowers hold the beauty and perfume of all life has to offer. I welcome and embrace this energy. May these flowers seep into my soul the love, beauty, and the creative powers of the earth. May these flowers seep into my soul (insert here).”



 Finally, add 1-2 drops of essential oil or any vegetable oil, while reciting the following –

“I use this sacred oil to balance my energy levels and restore harmony to my body, mind, and soul. May its soft fragrance and energy codes align my body so it is balanced, healthy, and restored. May this bath make my body, mind, and soul feel (insert here).”

Light some candles or play some music to create ambiance if you wish and then get into the bath.

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Enjoy a few moments to yourself in the warm bath. Imagine the salt, flowers, and essential oils working their magic and restoring your mind, body, and soul.


Just before exiting the bath, place your hands over your heart, and repeat 10 times:

“I am a wonderful person with so much to offer and so much to give.”

Drain the bathwater, and discard the flower petals outside if possible.

 If using, close the ritual by doing the Pisces Full Moon Reading.

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