Heal Your Wounds with the Libra Full Moon

Today on April 5th, 2023, the Libra Full Moon is reaching its peak. All of the beliefs and fears around your relationships will be under a magnifying glass, providing a time of awareness and healing. As this energy radiates across the night sky, you will be prompted to review your relationships and evaluate how they can best be expressed and appreciated.


The world may appear dimmer, as we are filled with the warmth of our collective relationships, the brilliance of love and unity. Through connecting and balancing our personal energies, the Full Moon encourages us to make more conscious choices, bringing out our greatest potential. When the Libra Full Moon is in fullness, our paths will be illuminated with justice, fairness, and freedom of expression in all our relationships.

Libra Full moon healing powers

The Libra Full Moon brings us an opportunity to heal. As Chiron, the asteroid referred to as the “wounded healer,” illuminates the night sky, we can start to understand how our injuries have an effect on our relationships and how we choose to behave in our interactions with others.
Though our wounds can sometimes cause us to remain stuck in the past, preventing us from showing up with authenticity and genuineness, we should be reminded that it doesn’t need to be this way.
We can come to terms with our traumas and still find balance, love, unity and magnificence.
Chiron helps us to recognize that sometimes our traumas may never be totally healed. Rather, it teaches us to love and accept our injuries, for these wounds that may never fully go away can shape us into the truest version of ourselves.

With a willingness to embark on a healing journey, the Libra Full Moon could give you the strength to face your wounds and reveal the beauty of your wholeness. Chiron, the divine centaur, found his true purpose as a healer, teacher, and intuitive through his own pain. Maybe your wounds can open the same pathways to a purposeful and loving life. Once acknowledged, your wounds could give you the power to form meaningful, authentic connections with others.

If you have felt bogged down by the burdens of another, this Libra Full Moon can help you to reach the other side with increased clarity and insight. Should you choose to do so, you can perform a cord-cutting ritual to release any connection that holds you back. This practice does not necessarily mean that you are ending your relationship with the person, but rather, disconnecting from the energetic bond you have created with them.

Cutting Cords

During the Libra Full Moon, we are gifted with the power to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves, and of the world around us. 

It can be easy to be so immersed in our own inner world that we forget the importance of bonding with those around us, and that is why this particular Full Moon emphasizes leaning into our relationships.

 However, when doing so, it’s important to stay mindful and avoid the potential risk of getting lost in someone else’s presence. Establish stronger ties with those close to you, and to accept their presence in your life without fear. There is a danger, however, of relying too much on other people and thus becoming detached from ourselves.

Fortunately, the current Full Moon presents an opportunity to reclaim our power, ultimately connecting us with our true selves in such a state. The current Libra Full Moon encourages us to reconnect and reclaim our identities. This is our chance to emerge stronger, wiser, and more self-aware.

Taking advantage of the astrological alignment of the Libra Full Moon, by doing a cord-cutting ritual for yourself. To begin the ritual, set an intention you want to let go of any energetic ties that are not beneficial to you. After visualizing this intention in your mind, visualize a pair of silver scissors and imagine them cutting away the cords of attachment.

As the cords were being severed, you will feel lighter and lighter and could finally see that these attachments were preventing you from making progress. Once you released the last of the cords, close the ritual by offering gratitude and trust that you have the courage and inner strength to keep taking steps forward and stay focused on what you really want.

Out with the Old and embrace the new

Clearing out the old and embracing the new. With each cutting of a cord  make a vow that this is the beginning of new growth, with space made for what the universe has to offer you in the coming months.

Libra Full Moon Ritual

yoga stand in hands silhouette, sunset beach, zen position by the sea

Taking a moment to be still and calm in your mind, set your intention to bring in positive energy and revitalize your environment.


To start,  light some incense to attract serenity and strength. Following this, tidied up your living space and give extra attention to the places that accumulated stagnant energy.


To really get rid of any negative or heavy energy, soak in a hot shower or indulged in a crystal bath to draw the healing energy of your stones into your body.


Finally,  wash your face with a nourishing face cleanser and applied a nourishing face mask for a finishing touch.


By the end, your aura and environment felt replenished and your body reinvigorated.


Then cleanse your the items that you are using for the ritual.


As you do this, repeat –


“My space is purged. My space is safe. Love and light flow in this space.”

Begin this ritual with a purpose in mind. Speak out loud or in your mind that you wish to use this Full Moon ritual to bring healing to your relationships, to open up your heart, and to be receptive to love and connection.


If needed, adjust the intention to whatever you are needing. When you are done stating your intention, light your candle.

Cleanse your aura with the aura cleansing tool of your preference. While cleansing, say these words –


“My aura is purged; my light is beaming. All that is heavy must now leave my heart tonight. My heart is full of joy, free of weight. My physical body is full of health; my emotional body with joy; my spiritual body is at peace. Thank you.”

Once your meditation is finished, take your pen and paper and select one of the following prompts or write your own:


Reflect on any current or past relationships that are bringing you hurt or preventing you from opening your heart. Write down any thoughts or emotions that come up during the reflection.


Look at the three biggest insecurities you have when interacting with others. Where do these fears come from?


How can you learn to get over them?


Think of a challenging relationship in your life. Write them a letter and express everything you wish to tell them.


I can hear my angels and spirit guides telling me…


It is best to write as much as you want to get the most out of this ritual!

Once you are done writing, observe what you have written and any feelings and emotions that come up.


Take your time and let the thoughts and feelings settle in. Grab your paper and rip it into pieces as a symbol of letting go.


Use your candle to light the pieces. To be on the safe side, keep a bowl of water near you in case the papers become too hot to handle and put the burning papers in the water. It is not necessary to completely burn the papers, this is just symbolic.

Once the papers are burnt, close your eyes and imagine a beautiful, healing light that surrounds you and fills you with love and warmth.


See the light go into your heart chakra, healing any wounds and helping your heart to open up for love and connection.

 In this imagery, show your gratitude for any healing energy that you have received and for all the positive relationships in your life.


End the ritual, extinguish your candle. Discard the burnt pieces of paper in a safe way.

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