Zero-Waste Tips for Beginners


Eco-Friendly = Saving Money + Decluttering!!

Here at Lini Skinfood, see huge personal benefits on living an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Transitions can be challenging, and this one does include a plastic-free lifestyle.


It is all about REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE !!!​​ These three actions can have a massive impact positively for your pockets and our planet.​


The truth about plastic waste is…


China and India make than 36% of the population of the world and generates 27% of waste.

In America, only recycles 35% 

The average American produces about 234 lbs. ( 106.2 kg) of plastic a year. 

Germany is the most efficient country they recycle 68%. 

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To live in a plastic-free lifestyle . Glass storage items would be an excellent investment starting points. 

Unlike plastic, glasses are safe & harmless, keeping food fresh. Plastic are fat-soluble can absorb fatty, oily foods causing you to ingest micro-plastic.

Yes, by storing food in plastic containers, you are eating tiny plastic particles, including water bottles.

Saver's Tip

Lini Skinfood may not have all the bars just yet, but we will soon. 

We want to eliminate as much waste as possible while protecting your skin. 


Try buying a bar of soap instead of a plastic container of hand, body, and dish soap. 

We have a wonderful vegan facial and body cleanser soap. 

Both are clean & safe; non-toxic soap made with natural ingredients. 

One bar of soap for your body & one giant leap for our environment.

Well, sort of … to make  a more efficient impact on getting rid of all plastic containers in your kitchen and bathroom 

For example, you can buy shampoo bars, conditioner bars, lotion bars, and shaving bars. 


Lini Skinfood may not have all the bars just yet, but we will soon. 

We want to eliminate as much waste as possible while protecting your skin. 

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Saver's Tip

Turn Rags Into Eco-Saving -Riches

Have any old T-shirts, Jammy Jams  ( Pjs), or Unwanted pieces of clothing lying around?

Okay, cut the waste by turning them into cleaning cloths. 

You do not have to turn all of your old clothes into cleaning cloths. Donate the rest to your local donation facility.

You can also buy special cleaning cloths.

NO more shelves full of toxic plastic bottles. So this is cutting plastic waste in a massively more efficient way.

Forever Lasting Blade

So you have begun zero-waste transition at a low to none expense. Purchasing a proper safety razor may be the only investment that will cost a pretty penny and save you more in the long run. 

Think of it this way, would you rather own a forever-lasting safety razor or a $6 razor pack that will give you razor burns or shaving cut scars.

Exactly … the long-lasting razor shaves better!!! 

Saver's Tip

If you prefer to wax, there are eco-friendly & biodegradable waxing strips. 

Either way, you will feel good, making a difference for you and our planet. 

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Find Some Big Girl Pant

Suppose you are a big girl or lady now. It is time to purchase big girl pants for when mother nature arrives unexpectedly. 

Stop spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on feminine products. Yes, the average female will spend at least a couple of thousands within her lifetime on feminine hygiene products.

You are causing another environmental disaster while also internally damaging your body. 

Tampons can cause bacteria to grow, which can result in severe life-threatening infections. 

For the environment, disaster pads and & tampons also pertain to plastic and a huge carbon footprint.


Saver's Tip

Menstrual cups are more cost-effective and leak-proof than tampons. 

The pants will be more manageable, comfy, secure, but more pricey. 

We want to eliminate as much waste as possible while protecting your skin. 

We recommend buying no more than three pairs of pants so you can still save money, reduce waste and carbon footprints.

This cuts waste and spending on feminine products by 80 – 90%.

Local Market

There are such things as zero-waste bulk markets, .but is a bit on the advanced level of living zero-waste. 

Because it is easy to spend on the ingredients and stocking up the kitchen with the food we’ll never use or eat. 

It leads to a more waste-full kitchen and environment.

Start by going to your local farmers market using any jars, reusable bags, or basket you already own. 

To store and carry your loose fruits and veggies.

Saver's Tips

This habit alone can cut 80% of plastic waste easily. 

Just Don’t forget to bring our bags. 

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Yes, you will need them, just do not go overboard buy fancy luxury produce bag. 

In the past, people have grown so accustomed to plastic bags, plastic storage boxes, and paper bags, 


Now that we have provided you with simple tips to begin.

Here are some reminders of what not to do on this new journey.



There are so many people worldwide, who are suffering from faminine. With everything on it is important now more than ever to be consciously aware of the food we need than want.

Invest in a Small indoor or outdoor garden

Support Local Farmers

Stop Over-Purchasing Unnecessary Food