August Leo New Moon

The New Moon

The Sun has been in its fullest power under the zodiac of Leo, and on this New Moon, it brings a reminder that no matter what happens in life, no matter how dark things may seem, the dependable Sun will always rise again.

The night is dark just before dawn and this new moon will awakening many of you blossom an opportunity of personal growth.

In Leo

Depending where you begin year on Jan 1st or on your Name Day: this year could just be beginning or near more than half way through …

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The Leo New Moon brings strong solar energy, allowing us to tune in to our own inner Sun by lighting up the parts of ourselves that have been hidden in the shadows. 

 2020 has brought many setbacks and troubling times for some of us

Mars is in retrograde

And may want to use the most of the time left over. But do not fear because there is no wrong way to use your time.

Just time to learn and never give up on yourself and dreams.  Make the best with what you have and stay positive. This is happening for you, not to you.

Let the #NewMooninLeo be a guiding,  giving an optimistic hand and sending positive  uplifting energy of #motivation and #inspiration in this time in your life for here on out.
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New Moon

The planet Mars is very active conjunction Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Strife & square to Saturn and Pluto, and trine the Sun and Moon.


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Mars will definitely

Be a star planet to watch​

As we wrap up this ultra transformative year. Increasing motivation and drive during this new moon. 

Having you feel inspired with energy to #getshiitakedone or worn out if you overworked yourself in the past


To your body and to connect with your own #innerwisdom & #trustyourinstincts to help Mars trigger our energy levels so you can find your balance.

Learn how to trust the process by being patient in trusting the process and align your #chakras.

Conserving & Protecting

Your energy is something also important during this #NewMoon. 4. All of the above

Conserving & Protecting Rituals
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Other Beneficial practices while Mars is active


Eating Well


This New Moon has the power to raise things you may have hidden or kept in the dark.

As your awareness rises, you may begin to notice hidden information surfacing or some truths which may be painful for you to face when it comes to light. No need to worry, this Leo New Moon will allow you to cleanse and release it for good. 

They may have to be exposed first before they can be cleansed and released to return to the light. So pay attention when you notice tensions arising in your reality, or with loved ones, for things, may get tense. 



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Remember, it’s important you keep yourselves centered and come from a place of compassion and love.​

Overall, the Leo New Moon will be filling us with light, so we can handle the tensions that may be circulating us.  

Just remember to have an open mind and try to remember that everyone is just doing the best they can from their level of consciousness and may not have experienced their awakening yet.

Hold on to your light of inner purpose burning within,  your passion, and love within. 

 Know your light shines bright and powerful enough to guide you through whatever needs to rise following this New Moon.