New Moon Libra Oct 2021


New Moon Libra takes place today October 6, 2021. This is a great time to focus on balance and harmony. Let go of what no longer serves you and make room for new people, places, things, relationships, ideas. Allow yourself the space to explore who you are without judgement or expectation.

Be open minded about opportunities that come your way during this generous moon cycle! It’s all good – take it easy on yourself during this time of change – give it some time so everything can settle into place before making any major decisions! Remember that once the changes have happened they will feel right.

How the sign of Libra affects us this month?

 In the month of October, cosmic shifts and changes, and this New Moon is helping to kickstart a lot of what we will experience throughout the month.

New moons can be a good time for starting something fresh , setting new intentions  or taking care of unfinished business. If there are things or people that no longer serve you in a positive way , this is the perfect time to make new shift to bring more balance into your life.

What this new Moon does for you.

New Moons however, are a time of new beginnings and represent a fresh start to feel a calling to bring your energy inward to reflect, plan , and strategize. Become grounded and plant your seeds of intentions for what you want to bring in . Libra is the sign of partnership, balance, justice and to see things from both sides. So everyone feels they are getting their fair share. It is the only zodiac sign that is a non-living entity.

Expect radical shifts in direction as you find self-confidence, discipline, deep insight and self-worth. Allow yourself to be filled with poise + harmony. Breathe and center yourself to re-charge , re-set, re-balance. 

If you harness its energy, you can use it to recharge, restore, and feel a sense of security in yourself before the Eclipse magic takes full effect.

Pluto and the four cosmic bodies

Pluto will be direct this new moon after being in retrograde since April . Causing you feel it’s intense energy . Deep lessons about rebirth + power will rise to you consciousness. This is a perfect time to reflect on where you have given your time and power away. 

Four cosmic bodies sit inI Libra : Sun , Luna , Mercury and Mars. Libra is also an air element which rules over our thinking process, fuel our inspiration, new way of thinking, and guide us to open our minds to possibilities or opportunities.

This new moon in libra could bring about a time of renewal or change. If you put others before yourself and always feel drained or screwed over , this new moon may be your wake up call to reclaim your power and to balance the scales in your own life.

With Mars can also activate and heighten our emotions, so if we are feeling like we have been giving too much in any area of our lives, we may feel these emotions triggered under the October New Moon.


New Moon Libra Oct 2021

4 things to release this month

The New Moon Libra Oct 2021 is a great time to start fresh and release what no longer serves you. Follow these tips to cleanse your mind, body, and soul from this point on!

What to do during this New Moon?

New moons are a time to cleanse, renew and focus on the things that matter most. In this post we’ve provided some new moon rituals from around the world as well as some of our favorite new moon traditions. We hope you find one or two that resonate with your spiritual beliefs!

This is the perfect time to take some time for yourself and do something just for you. Whether that’s taking a bath, reading your favorite book or practicing yoga it’s important to practice self-care. Be mindful of what you’re eating too! Eat foods that are light, fresh and nourishing so you can take care of your body while also honoring the earth with sustainable living practices.

Do you have any special new moon rituals? Leave them in the comments below for others who may be looking for inspiration. If this post resonates with you please share it with others so we can all enjoy our beautiful journey together!

New Moon Libra Oct 2021 rituals ideas

New Moon Libra oct 2021 ritual

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