New Moon Solar Eclipse June 2021


New Moon Solar Eclipse June 2021

Are you curious to know what makes this new moon so special? 

Well, this is a super new moon solar eclipse. Which is a super- charged  + super- potent new moon. 

Although energy is still lingering from the last eclipse from May 26 full moon Eclipse. This portal is closing and will close during the new moon. The full moo was all about inner- self reflection, diving deeper into our psyches to gain a greater understanding of yourself to influence yourself and the world. 

The new moon solar eclipse represents a new beginning . Making it the perfect time to embrace the , no matter the changes you are currently facing , this solar new moon eclipse will ensure you will head in the right direction. 

Your path has been cleared for you , thanks to the Blood Moon, so you can  embrace the path you are walking on. 

Trust the process + know whatever is not meant to be in your life will disintegrate away , and what will be , will be . Que Sera.

Is the power + nature  Solar  Eclipses bear.

New Moon VS. New Moon Solar eclipse

Eclipses can help recalibrate yourself to aligning to a high path . So if you have deviated off track in the last 6 months or so, no worries , this new moon solar eclipse energy will whip you back in shape on the right track. 

Have yourself focus within the next 6 months on gaining insight to key life lessons now and 3 days after the eclipse . 

Situations could arise so be wary during this time as well and can impact your life for a prolong period of time. 

Gemini represents Mortality + Immortality in the form of twins . Yin + Yang , Physical world + Spiritual world.

Physical world is how us as humans limit our bodies + label things : i.e good or bad , right or wrong and the need of material comfort or possessions as we live. In the spiritual world however, we are limitless souls enduring an endless journey of growth, understanding , seeing the bigger picture and embracing all experiences serving our purpose.  

The sign of Gemini rules in communication , learning, short-distance traveling , transportation and electronics.

By acknowledging this duality may be tough at first , but in retrospect it can help you channel unsettling energies to shift with ease to change the flow abundance and prosperity in your life. 

Making it a …

Great time to:

Solar eclipse portal

Solar eclipses are a gateway into the void in the space of instant creation.

Manifestations will happen in a faster, when portals like the Solar Eclipse. It is important now to align + focus your energy on what you want to manifest into your life. 

This portal will remain open until June 22/23.

Mercury and saturn in retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde until June 22 + intertwined with Neptune. 

Neptune rules in perception , illusions, disillusions, addictions , and  emotional sensitivity. Let your intuition guide your reality with curiosity + compassion. 

Brace yourself and be prepare to come face to face with some overwhelming or confusing emotions from processing new information . The information you process may feel sparse or inconsistent. 

With Neptune being active , it’s better to keep yourself grounded . Remember this is not any ordinary new moon.

Your emotions can deceive you adding more confusion . So stay still + process any and whatever new information, opportunities or changes presented to you . 

Don’t believe everything you hear. This retrograde can cloud your ability to make sense of the changes that are emerging . 

You will need to look back once again from old wounds and past experiences from lesson learned perspective. Let the wise lesson you learned be a faithful way trusting the wisdom of your soul. 





Powerful Lunar reset of some major changes and oppurtunites into your life

With the Sun and Moon aligning creating a quick ring of fire during Air sign Gemini. This will put emphasis once again on the way you think, communicate, and interact with the world around you.

Steer clear from judgement, blame , or any other low-vibe behavior. Let Saturn energies guide you to get clear, concise boundaries + goals that will help you access your highest sense of self.

Once you believe , you will understand you are more powerful then you can even imagine. it’s time to connect more deeply to your cosmics powers. 

Treat yourself Ritual ideas

Gemini New Moon Ritual june 2021

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