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Holistic Tips

October Aries Full Moon

October Aries Full Moon 2020​

October Aries Full Moon Aries Full Moon This full moon is known as the ” Hunter’s Moon.” Energy is going to be more intense towards the end of this year. With Mars still in Retrograde and Full Moon Aries in alignment with Chiron in your sign, will ignite a burst of energy. If this energy

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Zero-Waste Rules for beginners

Easy Zero-Waste Rules for beginners

Zero-Waste Tips for Beginners Eco-friendly Eco-Friendly = Saving Money + Decluttering!! Here at Lini Skinfood, see huge personal benefits on living an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Transitions can be challenging, and this one does include a plastic-free lifestyle. It is all about REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE !!!​​ These three actions can have a massive impact positively for your

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September Virgo Super New Moon ​​

Super New Moon In Virgo 17 September 2020

September Virgo Super New Moon The New SuperMoon New moon = new beginning , set intentions for the month as well as the start of the lunar cycle.  Reminding us not to dwell on the past , Prosper on my friend , pave a path to a prosperous future.  Take advantage to start over &

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milky way, sky, night

Full Moon Pisces

Full Moon Pisces  The moons light comes from the sun and it reflects sunlight. Yes the Moon is constantly changing because the moon is being lit with different amounts out light every night. Known as phases.    Moon Phases During the new moon there is no sunlight reflecting to us but on the opposite side. On

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New Moon

New Moon In Leo

August Leo New Moon The New Moon The Sun has been in its fullest power under the zodiac of Leo, and on this New Moon, it brings a reminder that no matter what happens in life, no matter how dark things may seem, the dependable Sun will always rise again. The night is dark just

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Protein Overload hair

How To Fix A Protein Overload

How to Fix the Imbalance of Moisture & Protein in your Hair We here  at Lini Skinfood want to inform you about the dangers of having too much protein or moisture can to do your hair. No need to panic, it is an easy fixable problem.   Our question for you is Has your Hair Ever

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