Foaming and Exfoliating Body Wash

A foaming body wash? Yes please! Our Foaming and Exfoliating Body Wash is free of sulfates, making it perfect for all skin types. With activated charcoal and white lava particles, this rich black body wash will detoxify you while gently scrubbing away anything that’s been clinging to your skin. You’ll feel like a new person every time you use it.
✔ Scrub away impurities
✔ Detoxify dry skin
✔ Revitalize dull, lackluster skin
✔ Designed for sensitive skin
✔ Free of sulfates, fragrances, dyes
✔ Perfect for all skin types


Foaming and Exfoliating Body Wash Benefits


 Draws out impurities


Helps body acne


Deeply nourishes the skin


Whisks away debris and toxins 


Naturally exfoliating granules scrub away dryness and rough patches


Working as a natural humectant, MSM and Propolis draw moisture back into the skin leaving it thoroughly hydrated

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