Advanced Green Tea Facial Toner

You don’t have to wait for age or surgery. Say goodbye to those wrinkles!
You won’t find a more natural way of fighting the signs of aging than with an advanced facial toner formulated from nature’s most potent ingredients. This toner is infused with green tea leaves and rose petals, which are known for their potent antioxidant properties and their ability to promote healthy skin cell growth.
It will give you a natural face-lift and make your skin look years younger. Your skin will be instantly refreshed, tightened, and hydrated.
You owe it to yourself to feel confident in your own skin again.


SIZE Full Size (1 fl oz | 30ml)


Advanced Green Tea Facial Toner Benefits

Promotes skin lipid content (skin-tags)


Promote Firmness


Rejuvenates the skin


Helps tighten pores


Glowing complexion 

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