High Vibration Rose Quartz Roller

Our High Vibration Rose Quartz Roller is designed to rejuvenate your skin. It helps reduce fine lines, fight dark circles (under eyes), and even out skin tone. Tighten your pores, reverses sun damage, and reduce puffiness. With everyday use, you can also regulate oil production in the sinus cavity and calms inflammation! Standard benefits:- Your skin will be smoother than ever. – You’ll have a more youthful appearance. Emotional benefits: – Feel like you’re at the spa every day- Bring the spa into your home with this product


High Vibration Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

Lifts Eyebrows


Reduces dark circles & Puffiness


Relieves Tension & Plumps up lips 


Helps with double chin


Helps with Lymphatic drainage


Smoothes fine lines


Firms and De-Puffs skin


Softens smile lines


Lifts and firms face contour


Reduces fine lines


Evens skin tone


Tightens and reduces your pore size 



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    April Day

    Love the Vibration + Cooling Effect of This Roller!

    The high vibration rose quartz roller is fantastic! Normally the rollers do not have the vibration effect. Adding the vibration to the roller helps to increase circulation and calm down my acne breakouts. I also deal with puffiness around my eyes. Using the roller consistently has been great in reducing this puffiness. Highly recommend the product!

    October 2, 2022

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