Permission Bath Bomb


Permission Bath Bomb

Take Yourself anywhere

Take hold of what is needed by deeply engaging within your body’s natural release of your own permission.

You are your own guide. Trust yourself, spiritual guides, and the universe in a partnership, where you guide yourself to reaching higher bliss.

This way help yourself find and receive essential acceptance.



Permission Bath Bomb


MY LIFE requires no consent.

TO BREATHE I inhale.

TO EXIST I walk out into the day.

EVERY ALLOWANCE is already bestowed.

MAY I claim this life as mine and live it.

GRANTING MY own heart every single permission.


Permission Bath Bomb Ingredients:

Organic Shea Butter,

Organic Coconut Oil,

Non-GMO Corn Starch,

Citric Acid,

Sodium Bicarbonate,

Dead Sea Salt,


Organic Botanicals: Jasmine Flowers,

Rosemary, Hibiscus & Cedar Chips,


Organic Essential Oils: Orange, Lemongrass, Cedar

& Ginger, encasing a crystal charged under the full moon.


My life requires no consent To breathe I inhale To exist I walk out into the day


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