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Vegan Facial Cleanser


Treat your skin to the natural touch it’s waited a lifetime for with our vegan facial cleanser. You’ll feel more rested and relaxed than you can imagine as the unique blend of ingredients takes care of your skin the natural way. Perfect for when nothing else will do.


  • A vegan facial cleanser made with pure hemp, just for you
  • Works to treat eczema by restoring the delicate natural balance the body needs
  • Use it as a natural makeup remover when it’s time to treat yourself
  • A cruelty-free facial cleanser that gets to work where nothing else can

3 reviews for Vegan Facial Cleanser

  1. Kate

    I use intense lip stain and was surprised at how easily this bar gets it off. It’s better than any oil makeup remover I’ve tried. It smells wonderful and I’ve started using it as an all over body wash instead of just my face. Will definitely be buying more and also as gifts.

  2. Taniko

    I tried this as a method to take off my makeup while I was traveling in Rome during a heat wave. When I went to wash my face I felt so salty and sticky, after a “kiss from a rose” my skin felt clean, cool, and refreshed. It took my makeup off gently and didn’t leave me skin feeling dry. I would highly recommend it!

  3. Bella

    Love this hemp soap, works well for eczema making your skin soft and smooth when you use it as a face wash. 1000% RECOMMEND

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