September Virgo Super New Moon

The New SuperMoon

New moon = new beginning , set intentions for the month as well as the start of the lunar cycle. 

Reminding us not to dwell on the past , Prosper on my friend , pave a path to a prosperous future. 

Take advantage to start over & be grateful for the opportunity the universe gives you. 

The universe is letting us set the exact intentions we have envisions throughout this whole year.

In Virgo

This moon is the first of a trilogy of Super New Moons. 

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Get ready for this Super New Moon to bring something new & support from the universe by taking a leap of faith into into the unknown. 


Cosmic Portals to open soon

After  the trio Super-moons ( 17 September, October 16 & November 15) a cosmic portal will open on the 14th December, the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse Sagittarius.   

So prepare for personal karmic incidents from your past to arise and cause a shift into a deep transformation leading to an immense breakthrough. 


Lini Skinfood Peace
Leading to spiritual growth, so harness the Moon's energy wisely for these changes to manifest in December.
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Remember New moon Virgo =
reflect + Change

dance, yoga, meditation
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Although this is the perfect time that the  universe is letting us set the exact intentions we have envisions throughout this whole year.

As well as opening a new portal to a bright new beginning. 

Since the moon os closer to Earth & with our infinite beings . This will magnify as well as intensify the effects with us aligning with La Luna

Be Prepared

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Emerge into something new

Paving a Wobbly Path

Although this is the perfect time to emerge into something new , be wary that the essential  amount of energy forming from this Super New Moon can cause you to lose balance. 

Be Wary

This essential amount of energy can cause you to lose balance from the immense energy shift. No worries it is just Moon Wobbles.

Moon Wobbles can activate a powerful inner growth and even a spiritual awakening. Since the force aka Moon Wobbles Energy is strong, can make you question or distract you to achieve your progress. Do not be deceived. 

The insanity from 2020 as well as the multiple retrogrades so far this year. Mars retrograde with this Virgo Super Moon can cause some people to continue to be hostel rooted from their instability & insecurities.

With the fear inspected all around us. Do not get discouraged , instead choose ti focus on holding to your light ( your energy of love , compassion and protection) keep your aura up  and chakras aligned..

Focus on

Conserving & Protecting​ #supernewmoonvirgo

Main Objective
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Holistic Beneficial practices while Mars is active


Eating Well