Super Blood Full Moon Scorpio + Sagittarius


Super Blood Full Moon Scorpio + Sagittarius !

This Full Moon is unlike any other, it is a rare celestial event with a shade of red and will be the largest full moon of the year and in the night sky. 

This is why full moon-like these are known as the Blood Moon Eclipse or the Blood Flower Full Super Moon Lunar Eclipse. This moon being in Scorpio + Sagittarius provides a pathway to let yourself move into the final phase of letting go. 

The last time a similar full moon such a this occurred was over two years ago in January 2019. 

What this Super Full moon will bring ?

The energy of this Lunar Eclipse will put you where you need to be in life. Giving you the gentle tough love push you need to reach the next chapter of a higher evolution of your soul.

This total lunar Eclipse is to bring the completion of your karmic lessons + welcome a new chapter with ease and grace.

Be open to optimism, adventure, trust faith, expansion + risk-taking.

So do not be surprised if sudden changes or a need to transform/shift in your life in a new direction occurs. It is ok to be open to releasing past lives or karmic energies from your life to have a path cleared. 

Be wary, although  Eclipses are magical. They can also stir deeper hidden emotions + to cloud you from being able to see what lies ahead for you.

Before and After symptoms of Super Blood Moon + Eclipse season.

If you had trouble sleeping? No worries this full moon lunar eclipse energy may have some feeling tired or fatigued. It is only temporary. It is best to practice groundwork, go out into nature, do some yoga or deep breathing exercises with mother nature.

This energy is so intense it is important to groundwork. 

The moon (femininity ) The sun ( masculinity ), Mercury, Saturn, and Gaia Mother Earth as well will help you through your ascension process. This portal of eclipse energy will peak June 1st and will remain open throughout June. This full moon eclipse being in Scorpio in sidered + Sagittarius in tropical. 

Scorpio represents death, transformation + rebirth . 

Sagittarius represents flexibility + adaptability. 

Super Blood Full Moon Scorpio + Sagittarius Ritual

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