Our Rose Lavender Facial Mist

Rosewater has existed since the Middle Ages. Even longer, legendary beauty queen, Cleopatra, used this holistic product as a skin regime.

Can you blame her roses are enriched with so much nutrients and vitamins.So imagine what it can do for your skin. Its origin was discovered in Persia (known today as Iran).

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Our rosewater is A versatile Mist for all skin types.

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Acne scars, cuts, and wounds.


Dirt and oil from clogged pores.


Your skin’s PH balance and controls excess oil. Naturally, roses have anti-inflammatory properties. 


Not only does our Rosewater Lavender Facial mist reduce redness from skin irritations. It also gets rids of acne, dermatitis, and eczema.

Helps Hydrate, Revitalize And Moisturize

Cleaning your pores to give your skin a fresh rejuvenated look while toning your skin evenly.


The antioxidant properties in our rosewater will strengthen your skin-cells and regenerates your skin tissue.

Lini Skinfood Rosewater is a beauty regime must!!

Rub gently to avoid any harshness to your skin

Versatile Regimes Of Our Rose Lavender Facial Mist ​

Our Rosewater Lavender is Not just amazing for your skin. Working wonders for your hair. and can be used in many other ways.

Facial Cleanser

After washing your face apply our Rose Lavender Facial Mist on a cotton pad then apply throughout your face.

Bye ,Bye, Bye, Acne!!!

Want to get rid of some pimples without making it worst

Eye Depuffer

Have Inflamed or puffy eyes? Chill our Rose Lavender Facial Mist .Soak a cotton pad in the facial mist then apply on eyes. This will reduce any redness of puffiness under your eyes.

Make-up Settler

You can spritz our Rose Lavender Facial Mist before applying your make-up or over your make up. The perfect natural prep for your make-up to long-lasting while keeping your skin hydrated.Using this facial mist as a settler will have your skin more radiant than ever.

Facial Toner

Chill the Facial Mist then apply on a cotton pad. Make sure you cleanse and dry your face before applying the pad to your face. By applying it as toner it will help tighten your pores as well as gently toning you skin evenly.

Vegan Make-up Remover

A holistically vegan way to remove make-up.Cleanse your face using our Hemp or Honey facial soap for best results. Add a few drops of coconut oil mixed with our facial mist onto a pad. Then apply . Watch as the pad removes your make-up while nourishing your skin at the same time.

An overall brief list of all of our Rose Lavender Facial mist benefits