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the Holistic Lifestyle

 Women are putting + using dangerous chemicals in/on their skin just to keep up with society’s trendy beauty standards. The worst part is nobody is talking about it. This is why we support  The Holistic Lifestyle. 

Our philosophy and practice of healing and constantly keeping the whole body at the highest level of total wellness. This also consists of healing the mind and spirit. For skincare this implies not treating the skin as a separate entity from our entire body. 

After discovering the US only having limited FDA laws . We believe in natural approach to beautiful skin, hair , and nails using non-toxic clean and safe ingredients. 

Love to Get to Know About us Lini Skinfood

& what we believe

Bloom in the skin you're in

This Is Our Passion

With our skin being the largest organ of our body. In Holistic skincare, our skin is a reflection of our inner health.  

Our skin is the presentation of external beauty. Which is why we believe in the natural approach to beautiful skin.  . 

Lini Skinfood is an Eco-Luxury Holistic skincare line based in California.

Having a noteworthy organic lifestyle of goods produced by artisans who believe in sustainability..

To promote inner beauty for people to glow from the inside out.  Using non-toxic ingredients.

made with love , just for you

Lini Skinfood Perks


Our products are organic using no chemicals that can cause harm.


Our facial toner is all vegan and organic. Made naturally from  roses pesticide free from Ecuador. 

Clean + Safe

Producing products made without parabens, sulfates, or mineral oils.

Unique Colors

Our facial toner is handmade using organically grown roses. Making each batch colors seasonal.

Intricate Holistic Techniques

Using a sophisticated artisan techniques to create naturally authentic coloring + scents for our clean products.

Tested on our families not animals

We test all of our products on ourselves and love ones. . Before giving them to you.