7 benefits of using a lotion candle

What is a lotion candle

A lotion candle is soy wax based combined with natural cleaning-burning and skin-nurturing ingredients.

Is soy wax good for your skin

Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin. This means a low risk of burning yourself if you spill wax on yourself.


Since soy wax has a low melt temperature, you can use the melted wax as a hydrating treatment for your cuticles.

Here at Lini Skinfood we use not just soy wax but coconut and apricot to give you and your skin the luxury and nourishments you deserve. This makes our candles 100% natural and organic.

natural ingredients





1. keeps the skin moisturized

With dry skin season being around the corner and dry skin is an issue many Americans suer from. As we age we begin to lose oil glands, making it easier to develop dry skin as time passes by.


Which is why if you have dry skin, lotion candles can help. The ingredients in Lini Skinfood candles are great for moisturizing dry, cracked skin ( cracked feet’s best friend) neck , chest area and great to use after freshly shaving your legs.

2. All-Natural

Lini Skinfood is food for your skin and we mean it. Our candles contain no beeswax , alcohol, parafins or parabens. Instead we use plant-based natural ingredients such African Shea butter , jojoba, coconut , and cocoa butter.


Yes the Beauty / Cosmetic / Skincare market is in high demand can cause you to try more inexpensive products made with synthetic ingredients or knock offs claiming they’re the real deal. But, sadly those products can damage your skin to a point it may never recover. 


Our body cremes candles are high price so we can use the most sustainable, pure, natural, and organic ingredients. So you can know and feel the best with soft and smooth skin.

3. Leaves no residue

Have you ever experienced with some lotions a greasy residue on your skin? Sometimes you even have to wash off  that extra dry flaky skin layer on top. Well good news is , lotion candles will not do the same. 

For the best results , a lotion candle should be applied while warm. The heat from the candle opens up your pores just enough to absorbs the lotion more effectively.. So no product remains on the top layer will leave your skin smooth and greasy free. 

4. Great for skin complications

If you have stretch marks, well lotion candles are perfect you. They also work great for nails, cuticles, scars, and even tattoos. Just never use lotion candles on a tattoo that has not completely healed or new

5. Great to use for massages

Cupping aka Couple season is coming and this a great to use after a date night or to treat your partner with a nice massage. The warmth of the lotion feels great on your skin.

6. Aromatherapy

Love the scent of your candle, then you can smell like it too. Our variety in scent is increases and if you have any scent ideas. Let us know and leave it on our comments on our social media’s. 

7. full body useage

Slugging is becoming quite popular and you can use Lini Skinfood’s Body Creme to slug. Meaning you can use use this candle  on your face as well. However there are some scents recommend not to use since there are spices in there and will cause your face to tingle. There are even lotions that don’t work for both your face and body. The face is more sensitive and requires a separate facial moisturizer.

The scents we recommend L’Rose and Sleeping Beauty.

The way you need to treat yo'self

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